Debauched Minutae, sub molior

Debauched Minutae

Looking for the Boutique?
You can find my one of a kind, handmade jewellery over at Lady Persephone's Hazardous Boutique.


Persephone Hazard is a gin-drinking chain-smoking bisexual polyamorous goth with a bad high-heel buying habit, an addiction to the internet so severe it probably needs treatment, a deep love of good food and a tendency to draw on her face with eyeliner before going out for the night. Don't hold any of it against her, though - she's alright really.

In those rare moments when she is not online she enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy, writing the first few chapters of novels and then running out of steam, cooking, fixing people's grammar, having her photograph taken, doting on her two beloved kittens and speaking in the third person.

Her favourite colour is pink, she has a severe phobia of amphibians of the hoppy kind, she is a vegetarian, and her friends are more fantastic than yours.

She is the first hit for "debauched" on, a fact she is extremely proud of.

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